Decentralised currency

powered by the community

About GoldenDog

The Currency for the Free People

Imagine a world where you can send money everywhere, to anyone, without a restriction, without control.

Countries like Sweden for example, eliminated completly the cash money. Their citizens use only credit/debit cards.

And everything under the slogans like: "A right choice", "The journey starts from here", "You can do more with your card", "One card, many Possibilities" and so on.

But all comes with a huge cost. Our freedom!

"Money is just data that allows us to avoid the inconvenience of barter." - Elon Musk.

gdog Token Allocation

GDOG is a 100% Community Project. The team holds only 1 Token!

The Gnosis Token Sale is finished. All token burn stages are complete!

Please see below the updated GDOG token metrics.

Total supply

4,056,990,787 GDOG

100% a Decentralized Community Project!

Transparent Token Distribution

96.9340% Burn to Vitalik's wallet
1.9903% on Uniswap
1.0757% free tradable by community

Initial launch price

1 gdog = 0.0004 USDT

check on UNISWAP for updated


erc20 tokens ticker: gdog

soon on bsc20 TOO!

Gnosis Auction Launch!


of the supply will be listed up for auction


of the supply will be sent to Vitalik Buterin

The auction will last for 5 days.
All unsold tokens will be burned!

Start date: 1st July 2021 @ 17|00 UTC


Dev’s will hold Only 1 GDOG Tokens

Liquidity will be locked on UniSwap!

Airdrop on

Win a share of $15.000 USD to be paid in GDOG Tokens!

37.500.000 GDOG Tokens to be shared in special prizes.
One $2.000 Prize, Ten $500 Prizes, Twenty $200 Prizes
200 Extra Lucky winners of $20 each!

To the Moon

The Getting ready for an epic journey.

Decentralized Meme Currency powered by the community.

Growing the largest meme tokens community for a huge scale adoption worldwide, and beyond Earth’s edges! To the Moon!

GoldenDog (GDOG) comes as an experiment that can become a way o living. The philosophy and the use are both very simple - Money for the Free People! Make payments, transfers, donations, worldwide, borderless, descentralized!

Let’s rewrite together the money we use. This moment. Right now!

How to buy on Uniswap

Make sure you paste the correct address

Connect your wallet & Swap ETH/GDOG

Make sure you adapt the price slippage and got enough ETH for the fees in your wallet.

Add liquidity

Would you like to add liquidity to Uniswap Pool ? Check the pair here

Official contract address:



Official contract address:



Vitalik Buterin the first person on Earth to hold GDOG!

We minted 1 GDOG tokens for each person in the world, a total number of 7,865,207,213 GDOG tokens.

3,932,603,606 GDOG Tokens (50% of the supply) will be sent to Vitalik’s wallet.

Please check here: HERE

With the help of our community, Q4 will bring GoldenDeFi

In progress

Our goal is to build a state of the art truly decentralized DeFi project where the GDOG Token will be the main financial element that will fuel the entire Ecosystem. Powered by the community and driven with enthusiasm, we will bring the crypto DeFi world to a new level.


Earn passive income staking GDOG tokens. Amazing APYs!


Become a Liquidity Provider or join your favourite LP.

Our Roadmap

Prepare to Launch

Preparing everything for the GoldenDog (GDOG) Token TakeOff

Building an awsome website and an active community, building up a 1000+ telegram members community, Uniswap Listing and other exchanges

Orbit Station

Consolidating the existing success.

CoinGecko and CoinMarketCap listing, 5000+ telegram members community, boosting the marketing campaign, listings on more exchanges

Zero Gravity

Ready for Sky Rocketing

Promoting with influencers and boosting the marketing campaigns for worldwide audience and mass addoption, token airdrops

Lunar Distance

Enjoy the ride

At this stage, we aim for a vertical accelerated daily volume chart as well as increasing significantly the number of token holders

Moon Orbit

Spinning at top speeds

Centralized Exchange Listings, Website Redesign, Airdrops, boosting Marketing Campaigns


No frontiers

All holders will be happy for a borderless experience. GDOG will skyrocket better than Shiba, better than Doge, better than all Doggies!